Motorcyles custom aftermarket parts, metal and fiberglass fabrication.


- cooperation, subcontracting

We invite for cooperation for making any detail you may require. Even though we are not an "official business" we give equal to manufacturers warranty conditions and are most flexible in all matters. For re-sellers and distributors, special conditions and prices can be agreed. All shipping, customs etc. matters will be taken care by us if not otherwise requested.

- wheel widening

In cooperation with German manufacturer we are offering motorcycle wheel widening service from 6,25"-15,00" x 16"/17"/18" with worldwide German T?V certificate!


- Choose your rim size and tires
- Enlarge only single wheels
- Easy installation without changing hubs
- Tacho drive, brakes, axles and chain wheel drive remain unchanged!
- Unique design through individual surface treatment
- Weight increase not remarkable
- High elasticity and security against fracture (certificate by German T?V)

- custom fiberglass plastic manufacturing

We are working with an experienced manufacturer/fabricator who has been in business since 1998. Due to a long work experience they have developed their own product development - manufacturing of patterns and molds. In cooperation with the customer we try to offer the best solutions from an outline to the completed production. In addition to their own production, they make ordered works in different volumes. Production and storage area covers 1300m2.

- metal cutting and bending

We can offer also water-cutting, laser-cutting and bending works.

- post-processing of metal surfaces

That is high quality surface furbishing and polishing. Mostly we'll use stainless steel, but we can do also aluminum, brass and steel. Processes will be carried out by the use of specially adapted custom machinery and precise handwork. The quality of polishing can come only via the long term experience and skills that we are proud to have.

- import of aftermarket parts to EU

As we are frequently importing goods from overseas, in most cases we are able to arrange combined shipments to minimize shipping and other costs (transport, customs, taxes etc).

This becomes handy when you are buying exhausts, wheels etc..

Even you may find your requested products overseas (for example US, Australia, Taiwan) reasonably cheaper, the final cost of getting them to EU may come quite shocking..up to +40% of its purchase price.

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