Motorcyles custom aftermarket parts, metal and fiberglass fabrication.


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riding season

riding season

february 2012 - facebook page integration
We integrated the website with facebook so you can login and become member with facebook account and also you can find some great offers at our facebook's "customize now" section

september 2011 - new manufacturer
We are proud distributor of Revo-Cycles high end custom manufactured products for Suzuki VZR1800, M1800R.
august 2011 - we started offering wheel widening service
We are glad to announce that we can now offer motorcycle wheel widening from 6,25" - 15,00" x 16"/17"/18" Wheels are world wide German TUV certified!

march 2011 - changed the website currency
From 16. March 2011 all prices are shown in EUR. Pervious offers or pending orders will be still managed as agreed. Paypal payments can be still accepted in all their offered currencies.

february 2011 - transport option
Together with
DPD we are offering for combined and larger volume orders, reasonable priced, fast and secure, trackable shipping, that covers most Europe countries within 2-6 days.