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300 Fat kit

EUR 2,235.00

This is your opportunity to give your stock looking bike the meanest fat-ass look that would definately set you appart from other skinny (240mm) stock bikes. You will get it as a ready actual KIT not as a service!

Our Fat Rear Kit consists of:

- remanufactured widened stock swingarm
- 10 or 10.5'' widened stock wheel
- Avon Cobra 300/35-18 tyre

Both, swingarm and wheel are German TÜV certified and come with highest possible quality. Swingarm is powdercoated in black color and wheel in high gloss polished or just standard smoothened. If you are going to use it with stock fender setup, the only additional modification you need to do is to "smoothen" (grind) the underneath of the rear fender. NOTE! Kit is intended to use only with Avon Cobra tyre.

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